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Studio Apartment


Moving in? After months of physically and emotionally preparing for the big move, you arrive at your new house only to realize you must clean before settling in. Allow us to provide you peace of mind, knowing you will be moving into a fresh clean home.

Moving out? As much as one prepares, their move never go as planned. Who likes cleaning after a move out....NO ONE. Allow us to tackle all the dirty work so you can focus on what's ahead.

Whether you are moving out of an apartment or selling a house, we can help you save money! A clean apartment makes for a happy Landlord and ensures you will get you security deposit back. Potential buyers better envision their dream home in when they step into a clean house.​




  • Scrub bath tub and shower

  • Clean shower doors (where applicable)

  • Wipe down and clean vanity countertops

  • Inside bathroom cabinet Cleaning

  • Hand wash sink and clean fixtures

  • Wipe down cabinet fronts (as needed)

  • Toilets scrubbed clean and disinfected

  • Remove all trash and replace trash bag

  • Wipe down mirrors

  • Remove/shake all rugs and vacuum

  • Floors vacuumed and mopped

  • Wipe/dust blinds and windowsills (as needed)

  • Vacuum and shake out bath mats



  • Vacuum entire room and mop floors (if not carpet)

  • Dust all furniture

  • Dust all lamps, shades and picture frames (as needed)

  • Dust blinds and wipe down windowsills (as needed)

  • Clean mirrors

  • Remove all trash and replace trash bag



  • Wipe down cabinet fronts

  • Clean and disinfect countertops

  • Wipe down appliances

  • Dust blinds and wipe down windowsills (as needed)

  • Inside Oven Cleaning

  • Inside Fridge Cleaning

  • Inside Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning

  • Stove top, front and hood

  • Refrigerator front and sides

  • Hand wash and sanitize sink and faucet

  • Clean interior and exterior of microwave

  • Wipe down backsplash

  • Remove all trash and replace trash bag

  • Wipe down table tops

  • Vacuum and mop floors

  • Clean any glass doors


Living Spaces (including hallways and stairs)

  • Dust blinds and wipe down windowsills (as needed)

  • Baseboard Cleaning 

  • Light/Ceiling Fixture Cleaning 10ft

  • Dust all lamps, shades, and picture frames (as needed)

  • Wipe down and dust furniture

  • Clean mirrors

  • Vacuum and clean floors

  • Brush off or vacuum couch and chairs

  • Remove all trash and replace trash bag

  • Clean front door, sliding glass doors or French doors

Schedule a walk through and receive a free estimate from the Cleaning Lady herself!

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