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Microfiber cleaning cloth


Why a Maintenance Clean?

With many people leading busier lives than ever before, finding time for traditional chores like house cleaning can be a challenge. Hiring a professional service allows you to enjoy a clean home without you investing your time on these tasks. The Cleaning Lady will be in and out in a poof!

Maintenance services include:

  • Wiped down of Open Surfaces 

  • Surface Dusting up to 8ft 

  • Vacuum/Mop

  • Bathroom Surface Cleaning (Toilet, Tub/Shower floor)​

  • Complimentary Window Wipe 

carpet cleaning.jpg


Why a Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning is more in-depth than a maintenance clean. Although many homeowners schedule these to take place before having family in for the holidays, a deep cleaning can happen at any time. Let the Cleaning lady work her magic, while you relax and focus on what you truly enjoy.

Includes all Maintenance service in addition to the following services:

  • Inside Appliance Cleaning

  • Baseboard Cleaning 

  • Shower tile/grout scrub down

  • Carpet Shampoo 

  • Inside Window Cleaning 

  • Light/Ceiling Fixture Cleaning 10ft

Schedule a walk through and receive a free estimate from the Cleaning Lady herself!

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